Dominic Stevenson

I am please to announce that the first guest on the podcast will be poet, publisher, and live literature host, Dominic Stevenson.

Dominic Stevenson is a writer with his roots in the post-industrial north of England. His aim is to take part in, and positively influence, the global discussions surrounding societal, gender, sexual and educational equality.

His first collection of poetry, The Northern Line, was published in March 2015 by Winter Goose Publishing. His second collection, I Can’t Find Me, is being released in Spring 2016 by the same publisher.

Dominic curates and hosts a monthly literary event, Listen Softly London, and performs his own poetry live at venues throughout the UK. He also runs an independent publisher of the same name.

Dominic volunteers as a writing mentor with a charity which develops creative writing skills in children in London, and he has curated and edited an anthology of poetry and short stories from children in care and their families called Growing Up in our House.

Dominic appeared on Episode One – In the Beginning

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