The Paperchain Podcast in Partnership with STORGY

We’re still building up to the launch of the second season on August 23rd, and I can’t wait for you to hear our first episode with Gillian Best & Helen McClory. It’s a really fun chat, covering everything from identity to dog puns.

In the meantime though, I’ve got some really exciting news. The Paperchain Podcast is partnering with STORGY magazine. STORGY seeks to publish and promote exceptional literary fiction whilst providing authors with the opportunity to reach a wider literary audience.

As part of this, they’ll be re-running our first season over on the YouTube channel. It starts today with a revisit to our first episode with Dominic Stevenson.

I’m really excited to be working with them on the podcast. I’ve been really enjoying the projects STORGY have been working on, and their books coverage is second to none.

Tony Self, Executive Director of STORGY had this to say, “STORGY are proud to be collaborating with Daniel Carpenter on the second series of Paperchain Podcast.”

You can check out the revisit of the first episode of the show here:

Remember, you can subscribe to us and rate the show over on iTunes.

Follow STORGY on Twitter  to find out when the next episode is up on YouTube and to read more of their great reviews, stories and features. They also have a Kickstarter to launch an anthology which you can donate to here.


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