Episode 202 – A Whisper on the Stairs (w/ Rocketship Forest)

Thom Hammersley, Rick Hartley and Ian Collins are Rocketship Forest, and describe themselves as a combination of punk, folk, metal, mariachi and electronica.
The band is singer Thom’s second longest relationship and I talked to them all about their previous bands, their DIY approach to recording and releasing their music, and their move into putting on their own nights under The Headache Factory banner.
Happy Cats Small
They also talk about each of their own interpretations of the band’s songs, exactly what “Jimmy’s got a little lizard” means (spoilers: nothing, but it sounds great), and the places Karl Marx used to drink in Salford.
Finally, they perform a brand new song named after Helen McClory’s prompt from episode one (if you haven’t listened to it, do yourself a favour and stick it in your ears now.
Rocketship Forest’s latest EP is Fingerthief, titled after a story by episode 4 guest Dave Hartley, making this an episode with multiple chains (2chains, if you will). Rick Hartley has also collaborated with Dave on a few other projects, including the exceptional Tether
You can find Rocketship Forest on Twitter and Facebook, and you can listen to them on Spotify too. Thom’s podcast, The Headache Factory is brilliant and you can find it wherever you get your podcasts, but also here.
Featured photo by Leonie Kendal
Embedded photo by Simon Willsher

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