Episode 204 – She Found it in the Sink (w/ Sophie Hopesmith)

“I had one person who said, ‘you look too angelic to have written this’.” This month on the podcast, novelist Sophie Hopesmith sat down to talk to me about death cafes, body horror, and the questions that only women get asked. Her novel, Another Justified Sinner is available from episode sponsors Dead Ink Books. Sophie also reads a brand new short story based on a prompt from last month’s guest Verity Holloway.

It’s the eve of the recession, but who cares? For commodity trader Marcus, life is good. So what if he’s a fantasist? So what if he wills his college sweetheart to death? So what if it’s all falling apart? This isn’t a crisis. Until it is.

As misfortune strikes Marcus again and again, he finally has to change. But can this English psychopath ever change? Maybe he needs to find himself? Maybe he needs to travel? Maybe he needs to help others? Maybe he needs to change his medication? Another Justified Sinner is a literary black comedy about the fall and rise and fall of Marcus, a slippery sinner. How difficult is it to change?

If you’re listening to the episode before December 7th you should head on over to Kickstarter and get yourselves a subscription to Dead Ink’s Eden Book Society.

London shaped people – podcast partners Storgy are launching their first anthology of short fiction on December 12th at Vout-O-Reenee’s. Let them know you’re coming here.

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